There are so many opportunities for fashion businesses to give back and to explore more efficient processes for their production. We will always continue to do so, looking at all areas of true sustainability and playing our small part in our precious world.

  • Naturally Caring Collection

    Sustainability is nothing new to our founder, Tina Malhamé, who has cared for decades about fair conditions for those who work with her. It has been second nature to respect the people who strive to create alongside her and to value the traditions artisans have been gifted through family generations. Ever mindful of sustainable methods of manufacturing that cares for people and our planet our hope is that our customers can feel good and enjoy wearing our nature inspired clothes knowing a little more of our story and ethos.

  • Conscious Sourcing

    Linen, cotton and silk are natural, breathable fibres and have been woven into cloth for millennia. These are the only fabrics used in NoLoGo-Chic's collections. By working with pure fibres we continue to reduce our carbon footprint and leave less pollution as these fibres are indigenous to India and all are biodegradeable. Always working with sustainable techniques and where possible organic fabrics. Every scrap of cloth is used. Off-cuts made into hangers, note books and wash bags and swing tickets.

  • Our Community

    We partner with suppliers who each care and contribute to a sustainable future. Fair wages and hours of working, no child labour. Well lit and airy working conditions. Fresh drinking water is always available. Our collections are mindful of how each piece is made and the beautiful images you see on our website are created by our gentle, caring, creative team. We have worked together for years and will for many years to come. We want all people involved in our business to be happy and to positively contribute to a thriving planet.

  • Artisan Printing

    For some of our collections we work with the traditional process of hand block printing. A slow paced method, it is also the most fascinating, requiring many skills at various stages of its production. Tina has worked with block printers for over 40 years and the gentle family owned printing communities have been supported, leaving the world of fickle fashion far behind. We work with crafts people in many techniques, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, tassel making, beading, and decorating our garments to give extra joy.

  • Eco Friendly Packaging

    All caring fashion communities must re think every area of their companies. We have been using recycled packaging for many years. Our reusable mailing bags and paper sealing tape are made from recycled sources. The vast majority of our garments leave the factory in biodegradable cornstarch bags. Clothes labels are made from organic cotton tapes. Our swing tickets are made from recycled cloth or paper. Overall, by using less energy and water for the manufacturing of these items, we help to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the amount of waste to landfill.

  • One Tribe and Royal Trinity Hospice

    NoLoGo-Chic and One Tribe are working together to protect rainforests with every purchase you make. Now, when you purchase from NoLoGo-Chic you automatically save trees and plant new ones in the rainforest and help improve the carbon footprint of your purchase.

    We have supported the Royal Trinity Hospice for a number of years. A wonderful organisation giving compassionate end of life care, support, information and advice to patients and those close to them.